Monday, October 13, 2014

choosing fearlessness

Hey folks!
Can you tell from my lack of posting that I am really getting back into the swing of school?
Joy. (<sarcasm)
General Conference took place last weekend. If you missed it or just want to review some of the talks, click here

I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things said during General Conference last week. 

First, I should probably add that I had some things bothering me that I had prayed about before General Conference. I am a SENIOR now, and it won't be too much longer before I have to leave my family and go away to college. I know that it's for the best and that I will be starting an exciting new chapter in my life, but right now I'm really really dreading it and I feel sad and afraid. I know that a lot of kids feel nothing but excitement to go out on their own, but that is definitely not me. I'm a huge home-body and will be leaving behind not just my home, but my parents and all of my siblings. I know that I can always come home if I need to, but a lot will still change, and I really feel sad about it. 
So, that being said, one of the things I prayed for was that I could somehow feel okay about leaving my home next year. 

I know that God heard my prayer, and I heard something during Elder Lynn G. Robbins's talk that meant a lot to me. He said: 

"The Savior, the only perfect being who ever lived, was the most FEARLESS."

The most fearless. Christ endured so much pain, so much scorn, was tempted, was tried, and yet He was fearless through it all. 

Life isn't always - or even usually - peachy. Most of us are probably constantly worrying about something, whether it is something large or small. 
But fear can be very debilitating. Fear can keep us from Jesus Christ. Even though He has promised that He will carry our burdens, we usually don't let Him! We choose heaviness and fear instead of joy and faith. We choose to feel anxiety instead of feeling liberated through Christ's grace. 

We must remember to let go and let God take care of things. 

I promise - I promise - that He knows what He is doing. I've seen it in my own life, dear friends. I've endured hard things and asked God why I am asked to bear the burdens I am given. But, in time, I always find that everything works out for my good. 
Sometimes I have to remember to keep an eternal perspective. We won't always be blessed for enduring our trials in this life, but I know that with God, everything is one eternal round. 
We are not earthly beings, we are heavenly beings. We came from God's presence, and if we endure well, we will return to God's presence. When you think of it that way, our earthly fears seem like such trivial matters. 

I want to spend my whole life trying to live like the Savior. I am so, SO not perfect, but every day I am trying to develop Christlike attributes. So, after hearing this talk, I've decided that the next attribute that I need to work on is fearlessness. 
Join with me? We all have something we are trying to overcome. I don't know you, reader, but I know that there is something in your life that makes you afraid.

The beautiful thing, though, is that we don't have to be afraid. We can give Christ our burdens and choose to live as He did. Fearless.

So, with that, I will face the next year of my life with my eye single to the glory of God. I will remember Christ in all I do. I will follow His example and I will be fearless. 
I will have courage to move forward, and I am going to choose to feel excited about my future.

We all have bright futures. It doesn't matter what is going on in your life or what has gone on in your life. You can be fearless too, because you have so much going for you. Christ will never leave you comfortless, and He will always help you to have courage.

Here's to fearlessness and absolute trust, 



Mom Karen said...

Haley...I'm sorry I've been absent as of late. No excuse. Just life! I LOVE YOU. You have a gift. I know, I know...I've said it many times before and I'm beginning to sound like a broken record...but you have a gift. You listen, internalize, ponder and share. do so in a way that REACHES HEARTS...mine included. THANK YOU for having the courage to share. THANK YOU for making the time to share. THANK YOU for listening to the Spirit direct you and for following. May God bless ALL your offerings, worthy decisions and even your struggles.

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