Sunday, August 3, 2014

rich, indeed.

Memaw from Milestone Creative on Vimeo.

"Let me tell you how rich we are. Whatever money can't buy, death can't take away from you."

"It doesn't matter if you're hurt or what. Nobody can take away my good name. Nobody can take away the peace that passes all understanding.
"It's amazing how rich we are."

How rich are you?
As far as God's blessings go, you are very rich indeed.
We are so blessed. So favored. So, so fortunate to be endowed with so many amazing privileges.

God is so loving and so merciful to me. I can see His hand daily in my life, and I know that I always have reason to rejoice in the Lord.
No matter how tough life gets, no matter how confused or broken-hearted we may be, God is still there. He is unwavering, ever-faithful, and ever-loyal.

He desires to enrich your life and to see you living in peace, joy, and righteousness.
He desires to see you embrace the blessing and the comfort that is Christ's grace.
He desires - more than anything else - to have you home with Him.

My friends, the day is not too far off where we will be home with Him. But in the meantime, He has promised not to leave us comfortless. We have so much to be happy about. So much to live for, and so much to look forward to.

Begin each new day with happiness and gratitude. We can all experience richness, just the way Miss Betty Sue Cox does. All you have to do is have a positive attitude, recognize God in your life, and live every day of your life to the fullest.

Have the richest and the loveliest of weeks,

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