Saturday, August 23, 2014

honoring the past

I got chills while watching this. If you want, you can look into the Warsaw Uprising, which is what they're commemorating in this video, but basically it was an uprising that took place in Warsaw, Poland during WWII where the Poles tried to liberate themselves and over 200,000 ended up being killed.
It's so neat that even today, decades later, the lost lives of these people are still being remembered and honored.

I was able to attend the funeral of my great-grandpa this week, and it was such a special day spent honoring him and all that he did in his life. How long will he be remembered on this earth? How long will I be remembered on this earth?

It is so important to remember and commemorate our history. You are the person you are because of those who came before you. The world is the way it is because of centuries upon centuries of decisions and events that have shaped it. Literature is the way it is because of the literature that was written yesterday. The same can be said of music and movies and pretty much anything else.

The things that we do today will affect the future in ways that we can't fully realize.

The history of the world is just one long story that includes the lives of many people who have helped write it and will continue to help write it.

What are you going to contribute to the world's story? And how will you remember those who came before you?

Sorry this was a quickie post, I've just been busy! Have a great first week of school! :)

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