Thursday, June 5, 2014

cheer up others

One thing I've learned in my life is that service heals!
It heals the server, it heals the person being served. It heals society!

When I serve others I grow closer to God. I learn how to care for and minister to others, and I also learn about myself.

There is nothing more humbling than reaching out to others, and in the process realizing that my own life isn't too bad. I always get a better perspective on my life when I stop to cheer up a friend.

Remember that nobody can go through life on their own. Some of society's greatest problems could honestly be solved if everyone felt that they had a friend who loved them unconditionally.
I mean, how great is it to know that others love you, care about you, and are rooting for you to succeed?

How great is it to know that God loves you. That even the God of the universe is hoping you will realize your dreams!

Help others to feel loved. Help them to feel not only loved, but also appreciated and needed by others and by God.
Help others to feel joy and be cheerful.

I promise your life will be so much more fulfilling and happy if you do!


P.S. I'm definitely rethinking the Monday-Thursday blogging schedule. Don't count on that.
It's just that recently I've been frustrated because I don't really always have great ideas at the top of my head to blog about. So when Monday/Thursday rolls around, I often end up settling for a post I don't really like because that's the best I can do at the moment.
Like today. I've been sick and exhausted all day and really didn't feel like blogging. But I thought this little picture and quote was cute, so that was what I went with. Haha.
But regardless of the days I choose to post, I promise I will continue to try to be good about posting often. :)
Have a lovely evening!

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Mom Karen said...

Haley Barton....I love, LOVE you! I think we were meant to be related, because I read your posts and EVERY WORD resonates deeply with me. You have a GIFT. I have told you this before...but you have a GIFT. The fact that you are willing to share it freely with others, in spite of the time it requires, should be a blessing on your head as you heed the counsel in Timothy: "Neglect not the gift that is in thee". Keep sharing, my sweet friend. You INSPIRE me! Much Love...


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