Monday, May 26, 2014

real beauty

Are you beautiful as a person?
I'm not referring to makeup or nice clothes or the way you appear.
But as a person. Are you a lovely person?

Do you appreciate God's creations? Do you pay attention to the little things and take pleasure in simplicity? Do you make others feel good when they are around you?
Today is Memorial Day, and today we celebrate all of the amazing people who have gone before us and the sacrifices they made for us. Are you doing good things with the life you have?

Your life is a gift. You have so much potential to do good things and leave the world better than you found it. Take the opportunity today to consider the legacy you will leave when you die.

How will people remember you? Will they remember you as someone who loved God, someone with a beautiful personality, and someone who taught others to appreciate the world around them?

Sometimes we forget what beauty truly is. We get caught up in our daily lives, and we don't often stop to smell the roses.
We won't live forever. Memorial Day reminds me that I have a finite amount of time on this earth, and I want to spend it appreciating beautiful things and making the world better for those around me.

Appreciate what you have, folks. Take pleasure in the simple things around you. Give love freely, and open up your heart so you can feel joy and love deeply.

Happy last week of school! :)


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