Sunday, October 13, 2013

so much beauty

There is a lot going on in the world right now, a lot of negative things. And it's true, society looks not so pretty sometimes. 
Every person gets to choose what to make of their life. And some choose to do really bad things. 
Probably most people, though, are just mediocre. We all have selfish tendencies, we are all rude sometimes, maybe more than we realize, and we've all been on the receiving side of rude comments. Sometimes it just feels like the world is feeding us crap. 

But there is so much good. So much to be cheerful about. 
There are the exceptional people, the inspiring news stories, and there is always a silver lining in even the worst of situations. 

Society is still overwhelmingly good! The world is not against you!

For every rude, seemingly uncompassionate person, there are two people who are kind, happy and trying to do what's right. 

The world is full of intense beauty if you seek it out. 

There are marriages that make it. There are young people who will do incredible things with their life. There are good, honest politicians. 

When you change the way you look at the world, it becomes a whole new place to you. 

When you rise above, as you look at the big picture and have a joyful outlook on life, your life begins to change.

It takes practice to see even the bad things in life as brilliant learning opportunities.

It takes practice to see the good in people the rest of the world sees as bad.

But, like most things, practice makes perfect!

I know I've shared this video before, but I just love it. It makes you feel so happy for the world and the incredible things people are achieving here.

When we look at things from a worldly, narrow-minded perspective, it seems like there is a lot wrong with the world.
And... there is, I guess. But don't let the negative outweigh the positive.

When you notice all the good things, like the things shown in the above video, it is easy to see how God's hand is in everything.

This is His world, we are His people. And His hand is always around us, and if you notice God's hand, your life will be touched in incredible ways, and you will begin to always see the world as a beautiful place.

Many say they have no hope for humanity. But when you stop to remember the purpose of life, stop to remember your potential, stop to remember that God is always looking out for His children, and that his children are good people, it's hard not to have faith in humanity.

Rise above. Seek for the good in the world. Be the good in someone else's world.

Your life will be so much more happy and fulfilling.
When you think you have it all, do you not truly have it all?

I hope you all had a great Sunday and continue to have a great week!
Before I finish up here, here's a great Sunday song for you!

Never Alone by Lady Antebellum
Never Alone by Lady Antebellum & Jim Brickman on Grooveshark


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Mom Karen said... today, I'll be pouring over 3 more delicious posts that I have MISSED! I haven't read any of them yet...but THANK YOU for journaling your experiences in Fiji. I cant wait to read ALL of your above posts...including this one. Oh, we'll be in touch!


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