Thursday, October 24, 2013

no contradiction

*make the video full-screen. it's far superior that way. just sayin'.

It is so interesting to me that people think science and religion contradict. Look, I'm no genius, but I have a pretty basic knowledge of many aspects of science - biology, chemistry, and physics especially, since I have taken all three in the last couple years. (Chemistry is boss, am I right?! Loved it.) :)
And I feel exceedingly more learned in religion than in science. But I still have a lot to learn about both!

But one thing I DO know is that religion and science explain each other beautifully, and the more I learn about one, the more faith I have in the other.
Make sense?

My physics textbook says the COOLEST thing. I came across the neatest paragraph when reading through my textbook a while ago and took a picture of it so I wouldn't forget it (this was probably back on like the second day of school, because the first week of school was pretty much the only time I actually read more than five words at a time from that textbook).

Oh, and this is a college textbook... Conceptual Physics, the Weber State custom edition. I guess that detail doesn't really change anything, but for some reason it seems cooler to me that I was reading for a college physics class I'm taking at Weber State.

Okay. Are you ready to hear the actual paragraph??

"When we study the nature of light later in this book, we will treat light first as a wave and then as a particle. To the person who knows a little bit about science, waves and particles are contradictory; light can be only one or the other, and we have to choose between them. But to the enlightened person, waves and particles complement each other and provide a deeper understanding of light. In a similar way, it is mainly people who are either uninformed or misinformed about the deeper natures of both science and religion who feel that they must choose between believing in religion and believing in science. Unless one has a shallow understanding of either or both, there is no contradiction in being religious and being scientific in one's thinking."

Wow! Right?!

The book says a lot of other cool things about how it's okay to not know the answers to everything - the author even says that "an important message in science... is that uncertainty is acceptable."
Even scientists don't claim to have all the answers.
The gospel gives me answers! But still, some things we will never know or fully understand until we leave this life.
But you know what? We know a lot now! When we keep an open mind and have faith in God and the answers He gives us - we learn for ourselves that they are true.

When sitting down to write this post, I really didn't plan on having it all about science and religion, haha.

My point is that everything we have here on earth - all the knowledge you have ever learned, every experience you go through, every little thing that was created - works together.

"Art is about cosmic beauty. Science is about cosmic order. Religion is about cosmic purpose. " 
-Paul G. Hewitt

What an incredible thing creation is!
How amazing it is that God had so many factors in mind when he made the Plan of Salvation!

Everything is the way that it is because that's how it should be!

YOU are YOU because YOU are perfect!

We each have our own thread that, in the grand scheme of things, is interwoven with everyone else's to form a beautiful tapestry that blankets the earth.

God doesn't make mistakes. Just like a machine, the world has no extra parts.

As far as learning is concerned, it is up to you to discern between truth and error.
But in the end, never forget that two true things do not and can not contradict each other.

I believe in the atom! haha! I think the human body is amazing!
I also believe in God and His timing and His creation!

God is truly the greatest scientist of us all.

A truly knowledgeable person has a well-rounded understanding of many subjects and understands that all things work together for the good of the world.

And God is in charge of it all!

What a lovely existence - to be in the hands of a God who understands so much!

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Mom Karen said...'re still just 17, right?? I love you girl. I love that you are back up and running with your blog! Thanks for this incredible post.


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