Sunday, June 16, 2013

summer update!

Hey y'all!!

It's been a while, no?

Well I've been busy busy busy!!

School ended! (hallelujah)
I've been in Oregon for a week!

And I'm leaving for girl's camp tomorrow, so the busyness (is that a word?) continues!

I really don't have much to share - I don't even have Oregon pics on the computer yet! Oh! I do have a couple!

There you go. A joyful picture of me and my cousin from our family trip. (It was an extended family trip. I am super close with my dad's side of the family, so we all caravanned (is that a word?) up to Rockaway Beach for a week!)

If you have a minute (or nine), watch the following video! I love her videos, but I especially love this one! Hers is such a happy conversion story! 

Till we meet again ---
(hopefully I will be less scatterbrained by then!)


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