Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hey! It's been a while, no?

Hmmm... what have I been up to?

Well obviously there's still school. Ehhhrugh. (<- don't ask how to pronounce that.) School. The reason my posts have been lacking, if you were wondering.

My sister's basically a beast at gymnastics. Just sayin'. So part of my family traipsed down to Las Vegas for a meet a couple weeks ago and left behind me, my brother, and my best friend Sydney (her fam was out of town during the same time period. What are the odds?!?).

I love my family and all, don't get me wrong. But I looooove when they go to out-of-state meets. I don't ever go because of school, which is fine with me because there is nothing a teenager likes better than being left at home alone for a few days!

At Gateway :) (Zach was on a campout, not that we would have taken him anyways, haha.)

I got an iPhone. Let's just relish in the goodness of this. 

Aaaahh. Three cheers for technology. :D

Someone hit my car in the high school parking lot. Same day I got a new phone, actually. Hmmm... joy. [insert sarcasm, in case you missed it.]

It was pretty bad, too, a couple door panels need to be replaced. But it's all good because the other kid's insurance is paying for it. Even though that's sad for them... :(

I was in the car, too. Just sitting there. That was a joyful moment. 

So yep. Missing my car at the moment. I'll probably get it back Wednesdayish. 

Not. Soon. Enough.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Yay for all you mothers out there for all you do!

God is good! You are enough, you have enough!

Happy Spring!!

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