Tuesday, January 1, 2013

good to come

The guy in the white shirt totally cracks me up.

I shared this video a year ago, but I think it is such a good one for the new year. It just had to be shared again.

Sorry my posts have been kinda lame lately. At least it seems like they have been.
Hopefully that's in the past :)

"She probably didn't even give it any consideration that the future could be better than her past."

Live for the future. You guys hear it all the time... you see it quoted on Pinterest and Facebook... You are not the mistakes you have made. 

Do you want to know what my goal is for the new year?

Not letting homework stress me out so much! It's not even that hard to get it all done... right!?!

What are your goals for 2013??

You know what? Life is good! It's full of good things to be excited for!!
And you have a bright future ahead of you! So... no worries! Okay? No stressing.

You know what I have the hardest time with? And I have mentioned this before... but forgiving myself.
But you can never reach your full potential if you are constantly looking back and feeling guilt for things that you Simply. Cannot. Change.
Would God want that?

No, he offers forgiveness, a bright future, and guidance to make beautiful things of it.

My Bishop told me something kinda cool the other day... "With the church, it always gets better."
He further explained - growing up, college, marriage... and you think what could possibly be better? And then you have children. Then grandchildren. And if you'll notice, the good things don't stop coming.

"Change is the Lord’s way. He wants us to be happy and growing, to be excited to move on with our lives. Life is a journey, and while still enjoying the present and preparing for inevitable challenges, we must move forward, remaining optimistic, our hearts open to the experiences and good things that are undoubtedly on their way."
- Caitlin A. Rush

I promise... if you will allow Him to, God will pour upon you blessing after blessing after blessing. 

We knew coming down to the earth that we would make mistakes. It was inevitable. So don't freak out when the inevitable comes to pass. Worrying is simply useless and unnecessary.

Let go of the past. It's done, gone, behind you. Leave it there. 
Take comfort in the fact you've done what you can. If so, you're golden. 

Happy New Year everyone. And remember, with the church, it always gets better.

Keep moving forward!

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