Thursday, January 24, 2013

freezing rain?

Have you ever heard of freezing rain? Neither had I. Neither had anyone, it seems.

Since 1940, there have only been 9 measurable freezing rain events (0.01 in. or greater) in the Salt Lake Area. (according to KSL)

Today? 0.08 inches by 11 am.

This was just outside Kingsbury Hall in SLC this morning.

And this was at BYU.

This morning it was raining... a lot. And the raindrops would freeze within seconds of hitting the ground. I left my house without defrost turned on in my car... (idiot)... and I had to pull over a couple blocks later because I couldn't see anything and the windshield wipers did nothing. I scraped off the windshield, which was completely iced over from the rain, turned on defrost with the wipers on full blast, and pressed onward.

I eventually made it to school. It took me a half hour to make the drive that is only 3.7 miles long (I just looked that up... look at me!).
At least we had it better than the junior high was later. It took them 50 minutes to make an even shorter drive... normally only like six minutes. And a girl over there slipped on her way to the seminary building and they had to call an ambulance. I'm not sure what came of that...

This was at my school - someone posted it on Facebook. Sorry it's really shaky at first.

They told everyone not to leave the school for lunch... The parking lots everywhere were iced over. You think you're turning right, but your car turns left. It's awful. My driveway is a solid ice block right now.

I saw a crash as I was leaving the school, too. At least I think that's what happened. One car was at a weird angle at the side of the parking lot, and the other they were trying to push out of a snow bank. It wasn't working.

Anyways. That was a long, probably boring post about ice. But still, an ice storm? weird.

Happy January! Ha.

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