Friday, January 11, 2013

choose to choose the right.

 Are you missing out on all the joyous things in life because you just don't know enough about them or where to look for them?

If there's a way to be perfectly happy here on earth, it surely can only be accomplished by living the teachings of the gospel and drawing yourself close to God.

The happiest you will ever be in your life is when you are being aware of and accepting God's will for you.

I wish more people realized this. And there's more to it than going to church on Sunday. It's teaching your children the gospel. It's learning to rely on God. Always. It's making yourself more and more sensitive to feeling the Spirit. It's praying. It's studying. It's bettering yourself.

So if you are attending church each week with a hard heart and you make sure every word spoken goes in one ear and out the other... are you any better off than the man who doesn't even attend?

Or do you go to church, listen intently to each lesson, maybe even teach one, and then you go home and keep on keeping on the way you were before?

You are better than that. Live up to your potential. Look up. Rise up.

Be who God intended you to be.

You know what my pet peeve is? I have nonmember friends who say, "Wait, you're not allowed to do [fill in the blank], right?"
I also hear it on TV... You Mormons aren't allowed to drink coffee, right?

Really? What do they think is going to happen to us if we do drink coffee? It's the same as every religion out there. Do we have standards we are asked to keep? Absolutely. Are we forced to stay away from alcohol and coffee and tattoos? Absolutely not. No matter what is going on in your life, whether you are even a member or not, you will not be asked to leave a Sacrament Meeting... or any church meeting.

And I know many members of this church who may drink coffee or chose not to serve a mission or something like that, but they are still one of the most wise, spiritual people I know.

Nevertheless, I do know this:
Aligning your life with the teachings of the gospel and doing as the Prophet - as God - asks will make you the happiest you could ever truly hope to be.

Not just believing in Him - but following Him - will make you eligible for blessings you never could have imagined. That is your potential. To be good. To be like God.

And that is when happiness becomes a real, tangible thing that will fill you up.

Make no mistake about it, obedience truly is the key to freedom.

Choose to choose the right. Choose to partake of the feast of happiness, peace, and joy that God grants so bountifully.


Mom Karen said...

When did you become so wise? Have you always had a predispostiion towards goodness? At any rate, I thank you again or your post. What a fantastic way to begin the new year! So far, I have committed myself to joy and happiness, remebering that I know enough, and seeking obedience. I'm sharing your blog with just about everyone I can think of, becaue YOU make a difference. YOU...just ordinary Haley Barton. Thank you for making a difference in MY life! Much love, always and all ways.

Haley Barton said...

Ummm... is it bad that I had to google the word predisposition?? Haha. Thank you - you are so awesome and you have most definitely made a difference in my life!


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