Monday, December 3, 2012

i'm feeling christmasy.

I really dig these pictures from some reason... :)

So in the spirit of Christmas, after we just watched the Christmas Devotional last night (here), I wanted to do a Christmasy post.

Because I love Christmas.

I love the music...
the snow...
the music...
the christmas lights outside...
hot chocolate
the music
the feeling in the air
the cold outside...
I love boots...
and the fact that people get a little more humane this time of year :)
and I love love White Christmas. I've already watched it twice.

(Did I mention I love the music?)

A fabulous lady in my ward shared the following video on Facebook...

I love myself a good flash mob, especially the kind where everyone kinda joins in... But a Christmas one? I'm sold. Let's do one.

Ooooh don't you get the chills big time when you watch that? I can feel the Spirit when I watch that.

Mmmm.... Christmas.

What a perfect time to renew your relationship with your Savior if needed.

Because His birth is truly what we celebrate - the Child who came to save all.

And He came in a manger.

So I will fall on my knees and I will worship Him whose birth the angels sing. 
(name those songs. hee.)

Let's do what President Uchtdorf said - and be gracious and grateful receivers.
Let's do what President Eyring said - and give gifts that will create feelings of love and joy.

And let's do what our Prophet said. Let's remember Him. Let us love and serve. And be thoughtful and make others happy.
Let's give without a thought of getting.
Let's seek the star.
Travel to Bethlehem.

Seek the Savior.

Let's let the Spirit of Christmas enter into our hearts.

Merry Christmas!


Mom Karen said...

Haley, I love you. I read your blog and am amazed at your depth of understanding and the strength of your testimony. May God bless all your endeavors. Merry Christmas!

Haley Barton said...

Aaww, thank you! I could so say the same things about you! Man I wish I was staying in your class longer! :)

(oh and ps. I was on nightside again last night! woooohoooo!!!)


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