Wednesday, December 12, 2012

here's to twenty twelve.

This video gives me the chills.

I love the innovation, the uniqueness, the brilliancy, and the passion that is the human race.

On one side, it is true that our world has become a very secular and sometimes scary place...

But then I see things like this and I am in awe of how beautiful our imperfect world is.

This is my generation.

It is different from my father's.
(He looked at me with serious confusion when I mentioned Apple fired the creator of Apple Maps. Like I was crazy or something. Get with the times, dad! You have an iPhone and haven't heard of Crapple Maps???)

Okay. That was a tangent.

My generation - and the ones to come - will be very different from my grandma's. And her grandma's.

And I love it. 

I love the human mind and how advanced it is.

And I love how passionate people are - how new heights (literally and figuratively) are being reached every day.

I know we've got a few weeks left...

But here's to 2012.

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