Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After school I worked, went for a (short) run, did my homework, studied for a huge chemistry test I have tomorrow, and practiced piano for an hour and a half today...

All. Before. Ten!!!!

And I'm not sure that has ever happened to me in my life! (Well in the last big chunk of my life, anyways!!)

So I wanted to blog but I don't want to spend forever. I am excited for s.l.e.e.p. tonight!!

I have been thinking a lot about our amazing country and I have just been really grateful.

You know, I have been following the election a lot since the summer.

And I really fear for our country.

But I decided yesterday afternoon to be content and at peace with whatever happened.

God loves all His children. No matter where they live or how they live.

He doesn't just love Americans. He doesn't just love the people living in poverty.

And to think our people are - or our nation is - superior when compared to others... well it's just wrong.

But I know that God watches over our country. I love my country and I am so grateful for the inspired founding fathers who created such an amazing government that can withstand so much.

We do have the most brilliant and inspired system in the world, that I believe.

Even with its flaws, our government is amazing.

And I really hope our country will pull through.

Either way, I am grateful to God for watching over us.

Whatever happens, I feel that our constitution won't fail us.

(Though it may come incredibly close, ha.)

God is good and our country is good.

And I will support and pray for the president regardless.

God bless America.

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