Thursday, September 6, 2012

school again... and find me on!

I'm a sophomore. Have been for three days... actually.

I can already tell I am going to have lots of homework. I've had quite a bit in these couple nights alone, so if that is any indication of how the rest of the year is going to be... yikes!


I love high school. Already.

And I'm super excited for this year... and the couple after that.

And I'm already in the process of joining clubs. And I'm going to a football game tomorrow.

Sweet. (I've been waiting my whole life for this, you know... )

I even bought a Vikings shirt today.

Anyways. Enough about that.

I set up a profile! Click here to see it!

They're really easy! You should make one!

Or do you have one? Let me know! I wanna see it!

Yeah. Anyways.

Have a lovely Thursday.

P.S. Do any of you watch Covert Affairs? Aaaah!!! AH!! I neeeeed the next episode! It was such a cliffhanger this week! Aah!!


Tawnie said...

Haley. I am so impressed. You are very mature for your age. You have good parents and a good family. I am grateful to have you for an example for my daughter. Thank you!!!!
Beautiful Mormon profile.

Haley Barton said...

Wow thank you! That is so nice! I love your family and I really admire you guys and the way you are raising all of your cute kids... Thank you so much for commenting! It makes my day!


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