Thursday, September 13, 2012


My aunt does this thing on her blog that I'm kinda going to steal for today.

Cuz it's fun.

Dear high school... I love you. I really do. You are different and you make me feel grown up. Ha. But I hate the mounds of homework I have been having. My workload has literally tripled so far all because of you. But... you're forgiven. Go Vikes!

Dear best friends... you're the real reason I love high school. I've never had a more honest, genuine, considerate, and altogether fun group of friends as you guys are. I look for you guys in the halls from the moment I enter the building until the moment I leave. You make me so happy.

Oh and a special shout out to Kennedie... goooooo Mitt Romney! Hehe. Lunch wouldn't be the same without all of our arguments on controversial topics. You should be a lawyer. And evolution's not real!

Dear December 21st... why can't you come sooner? I am ready for you. And my paper learner's permit is getting all wrinkly and covered in crayon. I need something more... oh... plastic.

Dear Covert Affairs writers... oh my heavens you are too good. Never saw it coming. I've already watched this week's episode twice.

Dear sleep... ugh. Why are you so hard to come by? My whole body aches at the end of every day because I do not get enough of you... so why do I put Drop Dead Diva and... blogging before you every night?

Dear Roland digital piano... I love you so much. And you have been good to me and taught me to love music and to work hard. I have come so far with you... but I kinda want to break up. I want a real piano. One with strings and hammers and no buttons. One that fills the house when you play it and one that doubles as a beautiful furniture piece. It's not you, it's me. (Actually no, it is you. Why are you suckers so incredibly expensive??!!)

Dear Mazda (stick shift)... my dad was right. You are more fun to drive. Once I got past the initial anger that you even existed... you weren't as hard as I thought you would be.

Dear Poison Study... I wish I could forget every single detail of your story and then I could read you again. I will be forever indebted to Sydney for introducing you to me.

Dear cool weather... COME!! PLEASE!!

Dear blog... how come I never feel like you look cute? I change your design all the time and am never satisfied. I should ask for a custom blog background for my birthday. That's a brilliant idea, actually.

And lastly, Dear Bill Nye... thank you for not being dead. I was practically grief-stricken when I heard the rumor that you had died... You taught me pretty much everything I know about science. Please don't die anytime soon.

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