Monday, September 10, 2012

enemy territory.

I had a YW leader tell us in a lesson a while back that the minute we step outside our house, we have entered enemy territory.

There are very few safe places left in the world... because we are attacked by so many things coming from every direction that have a horrible influence on us every single day.

Think about the fact that humans have lived on this earth for about 8,000 years. Of course there have been periods of time when people were incredibly disobedient and prideful...

But it is shocking to see how many new horrible influences have popped up just in the last few decades. The media is a huge one...

We are being told every day that immodesty, immorality, homosexuality, and profanity, (etc, etc...) are all okay! That these things are normal, in fact.

Well. They're not. They're not okay. Or normal.

It's as simple as that.

Even though sometimes it seems that we're the abnormal ones.

I'm not saying this to offend anyone... I'm really not.

The problem is... the more you are exposed to these things - no matter how strong you think you are - they start to have an effect on you.

Maybe it's simply that you become less sensitive to them...

Or maybe it's something bigger.

"I promise you that you will be protected and sealed from the attacks of the adversary if you will heed the promptings that come from the Holy Ghost. The gift of the Holy Ghost, if you consent, will guide and protect you and even correct your actions. He is a spiritual voice that comes in your mind as a thought or a feeling. Take hold of your life and order yourself to be better. You will be watched over and protected that you yourself will know, by the promptings of the Holy Ghost,  which way to go. I promise you that it will be so."
(Boyd K. Packer)

Maybe you are fine and you are managing just fine in your daily life.

Or maybe your priorities are becoming blurred. Maybe the enemy really is breaking you down.

Well it's okay. At least it can be. Everyone is impacted by these things. Don't beat yourself up if you aren't in the place you wish to be. Heavenly Father knows how you feel. He knows you better than you know yourself.

Start with little things. Try to put yourself in positions where you can feel the Holy Ghost.

Heavenly Father will know that you are trying.

And I promise that you will feel the Spirit.

When you see something that is inappropriate or wrong... well... the fact that you know it's wrong is a prompting from the Holy Ghost.

At EFY... they talked about the Light of Christ... which everyone has. It is your conscience.

The ability to know right from wrong is a God-given gift.

Whether you decide to act on those promptings... well... that is up to you.

But I know that you will be immensely blessed just by trying a little harder to eliminate the negative influences in your life.

Work harder to avoid them, rather than just to resist them.

Little by little.

And you will make your Father proud.

And no matter who you are... isn't that what you ultimately want?

A happy, healthy, and fulfilling life - living in a way that makes God proud of you?

Give it a try.

That life may not be as far away as you think.

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