Wednesday, July 18, 2012

you tell me.

So. I dig blogging.

And I like this blog...

But I kinda wonder sometimes how long I can keep these posts up.

I mean, I say that... and then just keep posting, so I suppose I am good for now.

But I've been really thinking lately whether or not I should keep posting the way I have been, or if I should throw some other stuff in the mix.

I mean, I know I've talked about doing that before, but I mean really changing my posts.

Still often doing... churchy posts, but then doing lots of other posts on other random stuff.

For example... I just turned $6 plain old blue jeans from the DI into pink skinny jeans.

And that was fun.

You know... I just get bored sometimes.

So I've been stewing over it, but I don't know.

I know that it is my decision and that I will do whatever the crap I want in the end...

But I thought I'd ask...

So you tell me!


What would you like to read?

And I know I don't exactly have tons of readers... but I have you know... some. 

And I probably do this for you more than for me...

So. yeah. That's about it.

Please let me know... in the comment box?

Or don't. Whatever. I am torn.

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