Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding the Perfect Balance

I like reading this book...

And I like reading other books... such as these. 

I like to spend time with my family...
And I like spending time with my friends!

I like going out and I like staying in.
I like school, but sometimes I like sleeping in at home.
I spend time working hard, but I also spend time being lazy.
I like getting up to go to church, and I also like coming home and eating dinner.

Check out this picture that I saw... I think on Facebook...

I love how this picture depicts our Prophet's carefree side.

Okay. My point.

There are times when you need to be serious. There are times when you need to work hard.

And then there are times when you can be silly and times when you can be lazy.

Find a balance in your life.

When you find that balance, you will enjoy life much more fully.

It is important to be living the gospel every day.

It is important to always have a prayerful heart.

Haha... but you should know that I don't spend my whole day every day reading my scriptures.

I just spend a little slice of my day reading my scriptures.

And a slice praying.

And a slice practicing the piano.

And a (bigger) slice at school.

And a slice watching TV...

It's the same concept as having a balanced diet.

When you start feeling tired or stressed out,

try re-balancing things...

And see if you feel better.

I'm willing to bet that you probably will.

And so... here's to re-balancing things for the summer!!



xoxo erin estella said...

What a fun, inspiring blog you have! I'm glad I stumbled across it!

Haley Barton said...

Thank you! It's nice to know that people are "stumbling across" it! I checked out your blog - I love the layout!

Please stay a while!

- Haley


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