Saturday, March 24, 2012

Use Media to do Good!

     Okay... a different sort of post today...
That video above seriously amazes me... There were good things and bad things shared in that video, but I think that it overall gives you a good idea at how CRAZY our world is today. You have to be really careful on the internet, because there are things that are terrible and scary out there... But the internet (And all forms of media) can be a good thing too. Those good things are what I want this post to be focused on.
"Because of its sheer size, media today presents vast and sharply contrasting options. Opposite from its harmful and permissive side, media offers much that is positive and productive. Television offers history channels, discovery channels, education channels. One can still find movies and TV comedies and dramas that entertain and uplift and accurately depict the consequences of right and wrong. The Internet can be a fabulous tool of information and communication, and there is an unlimited supply of good music in the world. Thus our biggest challenge is to choose wisely what we listen to and what we watch."
-M. Russell Ballard
     There is a huge difference in the types of media produced by the church a couple of decades ago to now. Ha - I'm thinking about some of the older videos made by the Church that now seem a little cheesy to us... not that they didn't have good information, they were just made in a time when media wasn't all that it is now. 
     You've probably noticed that I very rarely do a post without an accompanying video. I actually have more posts labeled under "videos" than anything else. There are hundreds of videos made by the Church that all share wholesome and uplifting messages... and they are very well-made.

     The internet is a brilliant way for many of us to do missionary work. I suppose that's sorta my goal for this blog... I want to share my thoughts on gospel principles with lots of people. You can do the same. (And you don't have to create a blog...) 
-Share Church videos on Facebook! 
-Visit the Church's website often! 
-Create a profile on!
-Follow, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (that was a lot to type), and many others on Facebook for inspirational messages!

Romans 1:16 - For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

     Do not be ashamed of the gospel! Share it with your friends! 

     And lastly, don't forget that the internet can be bad, but can also be an awesome resource full of good things. I love the internet! And it's probably obvious to you that I spend a lot of time on it... just don't forget that you need to be careful. Monitor how much time you spend on the computer and watching TV. Nothing replaces spending good family time together.

     The media is a POWERFUL thing. Use it to do good, not bad. 

P.S. Did you know that those three dots that people use in the middle of a sentence is called an ellipsis? I'm noticing that I use the ellipsis a lot... (Ha ha - I suppose I just did it again!)

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