Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I'm a Mormon Part 3/4: ME!!!

Here's a lovely picture for you... just me pretending that I'm
all official like those in the book. :)

     Haley B. isn't very famous, unless you count the recognition she gets for her crazy-mad-piano-skills... She likes eating anything with sugar and she also likes blogging. She also tends to be pretty outgoing and likes meeting new people.
     She has never dated and never married. She also has no children or grandchildren. (Or great-grandchildren... if you were wondering).
     She would be really excited if lots of people read and commented on her blog... just saying... :)

(Does it sound like this came from the book yet?)

* * * * *

    I was born into the Church, as most people around me were. I'm very lucky for this, as I've had the gospel and the knowledge that it brings my whole life. I never want to take this knowledge for granted, because I know that most people aren't as lucky as me.
     I don't ever want people to think, however, that I believe in the Church because I was born into it. Sure, this may be true for young kids, but as people get older, they stop trusting their parents as much. As people get older, they sometimes let the world's opinions influence them.
     If they are smart and trust the Lord, they will turn away from people who say bad things. Some people though, are not strong enough to do this. They very foolishly line up their own views and the views of the world so that they are one and the same.
     I suppose that being born into the Church is the reason that I am a Mormon, but that is NOT the reason why I believe in the Mormon Church.
     Part of the reason that I believe, is because I've been exposed to many really great examples. So many good people are around me, and so many good people have gone before me.
     You guys, we have a truly amazing heritage. So many saints, our own ancestors, gave EVERYTHING they could possibly give to follow the prophet, and to give the gospel to you and me. I don't know a lot about my family history. I'm sure that I could trace my lineage back to some pioneers somehow, but I just don't know much about that right now.
     Nevertheless, those brave, brave people that we read and learn about... they are still my ancestors. My family. That is my heritage. Without them, I would not have the gospel. I would be lost.
     The truth is... no matter what my family tree may say... I will still always see those pioneers as my family. It's kind of like a ward. My ward is my family. Those people that are my neighbors... they are the ones that I've grown up knowing. My friends in Young Women's... those are the ones I've grown up loving. These are the people who teach me life's most important lessons outside of the home. They are the ones I know best, the ones I serve with, and the ones who serve me.
     I suppose it really is true. It takes a whole community to raise a child.
     I also have a great home, with great parents, and great siblings. Even though we may fight more often than we probably should, I know from experience that my little family can pull together in times of trouble.
     When my sister died, it was scary and unexpected. It made us really sad and it was a tough trial, but my family came together and got through it.
     I believe that this experience -- more than anything else -- made my testimony the most like what it is now. I learned that the Lord will always help us, and if we just trust him, we can come through trials stronger and more motivated to choose the right.
     I know that families are forever, and even though it seems like ages before we will return to heaven, it really won't be. All of our suffering on this earth -- as hard as it may be -- will be worth it in the end. The gospel keeps me from fearing death, because we have the knowledge of a perfect plan of salvation, a promise that if we endure, we will be eternally blessed and rewarded.
     In the end, I know that the gospel is true because the Spirit has made it known to me. There have been times in my life when I have felt the Spirit so incredibly strong that it has enveloped me and made me feel amazingly wonderful. In these times, it is literally impossible to say that you don't believe in the gospel.
     It is because of the Holy Ghost... and the things I've felt... that I am a Mormon.


Anonymous said...

Haley i love reading your blog it inspires things that i would not normally do. It inspired me to read the acriptures daily, and with that habit i have developed i read things in them that help me throught the tough day at school or when i am ina bad mood i read them and they cheer me up. Thank you so much Haley!

Haley B. said...

Tay!! You are the best cousin EVER!! Thank you for reading my blog and sharing that! I'm so happy that you like reading it and that it's helping you in any way... Love you!

Anonymous said...

love you too!!! i had a bunch of my friends look at your blog for good advice on things that you post about! they enjoy it as much as i do! you have created a wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Whoa...quoting Hillary Clinton's book "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child." I didn't think you'd know about it... :)


P.S. I forgive you for massacring the title. :)

Haley B. said...

Brenna. I didn't massacre the title, because I have never heard of that book. I've heard that quote other places. Apparently I've heard it differently than you though... :)


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