Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Dynamic Design! How to Use it, and I Need Your Help!

*Edited 6/2012 * I am no longer using dynamic designs on my blog, so the information given in this post is not relevant anymore! :) 

  Okay. before I explain the new design, let me first do the "I need your help" part. So... I discovered this new layout that blogger has, and decided to switch to it.
     Here's the thing. I have no idea if it worked right. I have just spent WAY too much time on the computer trying to get this all to work, and all that I've gotten is frustrated.

     PLEASE tell me if it is working for you... if it shows up on your computer. Right now it is working on mine, but maybe I've just won my computer over by sheer will. :)

This is what it should look like... (Except this post, the newest one, should be on top!)

     Also... I don't know if the new favicon is showing up, because it isn't on my computer. (A favicon is that little picture that comes up next to the URL in the address bar... if you use Internet Explorer, you may not be able to see these.)

     If you have really good eyes, you can see in the above screenshot that the old bumblebee one still came up for me... (the bumblebee one that lasted a few hours - haha.) It's annoying, because I set it to the new one, and it should be working.

     I need you to just tell me what is showing up on your screen. Leaving a comment is easy! Some people think that if they don't have a google account, they must leave an "anonymous" comment. Not true!

Where it says "comment as", you can click "name/url" and type in your name. It's easy as that!
 (Or leave an anonymous comment if you want... some people just forget to sign their name, and I like to know who was uber-kind enough to leave us a note!)

(Or if you really want... just Facebook me. That's easy too.)

Okay. Now about the new design (other than whether or not it's working).

     If you look up at the top, you can see a pink strip that has several different viewing options. I set "magazine" as the default, because I like it best and it is easiest to see everything that way. If you are feeling rather rebellious though, you can click some of the others to try them out. They are all just different ways to view the posts.

Classic is pretty much the same as the old layout. The only difference is that it features "infinite scrolling." So scroll away. You will never reach an older posts button. Ever.

Flipcard is just a bunch of tiles across the screen. They should be in chronological order, so just click the tile to view the post. What I don't like about this one is that it makes it quite obvious that I have done very few posts... :) I've had this blog for not even three months. Cut me some slack.

Magazine is the default. It is just really easy to view the posts with this one. They are in complete chronological order, with the most recent post on the top, and then the other recent posts underneath. That way if you haven't checked my blog in a little while, you can come and easily see what you've missed.

Mosaic is supposed to show posts chronologically from top left to bottom right. In my opinion, it is just a jumbled up mess of pictures that you can click to view words. Just saying.

Sidebar is my second-favorite. The most recent post comes up completely for you to see, with the others along the side in time-order. (Because I am sick of using the word chronological...)

Snapshot is weird. It shows only the posts with pictures. (Which I'm proud to say is most, but still not all.)

Timeslide is strange. I have no clue what to say about it. Explore it for yourself if you must know. In the meantime, I will be writing a letter to blogger asking them what on earth they were thinking.


     Okay. Get it? It is easy! If you very much fear change, just click "classic" every time you click the site. I probably won't be changing the default unless I get several requests... which isn't going to happen because you people generally are very bad at commenting.
     And I know you are there. I check how many page views I get daily. I can just see you in your chair right now laughing to your evil self for not commenting... :)

     Now... on a brighter note... I for one, like this layout very much. It is more interesting. I unfortunately can't add things to the sidebar, but you can pretty much access it all still.

On the very right, there is a thin, black, vertical bar. If you hover over it, you can still view my profile, labels, archives, followers... etc.

The End. Have a lovely Sabbath.

P.S. EVIL CHAIR LAUGHERS! Don't forget to comment! Tell me if the new design is actually working for you or not! (Or tell me whatever you want... what color your shoes are... why you sobbed when Whitney Houston died... Why you laughed so hard yesterday, milk came out your nose... whatever.) Click "View Comments" below and scroll down! I will love you forever!

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