Monday, February 27, 2012

It Passes All My Understanding...

Man... I love Soft Sunday Sounds...
     I should just post my favorite new songs at the beginning of each week... Oh wait... I pretty much already do! :)

It Passes All My Understanding by Cherie Call on Grooveshark

It Passes All My Understanding - Cherie Call

Now you scroll through the lyrics... and pictures. :)


I was sitting on a southbound plane, 
I was buried in a magazine
When the man in the next seat over 
Wanted to talk to me
He talked about the universe, 
He talked about Saturn's rings
He said, "I might be an atheist, 
Except for just one thing:

It passes all my understanding 
How it all worked out just right,

The distance that we live from the sun, 
The stars that shine at night.

We may prove that it was just an accident
But how did it begin?
It passes all my understanding"

I told him, "You are a scholar; 
You know things that I don't know
But I believe a God in heaven 
Made everything below

And I know we are his children; 
I've known it since I was two

But when it comes to being struck with awe,
I'm just like you.

It passes all my understanding, 
All the beauty we have here
From the majesty of the canyons 
To a tiny baby's ear

And even when I can't believe it, 
He still believes in me
It passes all my understanding"

We watched the sun set through the clouds
In a tiny little airplane window 
With people sleeping all around

And I thought of how we just expect this world to be
And when the flight attendant passed me by
I threw away my magazine

It passes all my understanding, 
That the Lord knows both our names

And that He made this world for everyone
That was sitting on that plane

And in spite of all of man's distractions
He offers us His peace

That passes all my understanding


     You know... we often see the parts of the world that aren't as pleasant... parts that people have abused so much that it's hard to look at... We hear about how we aren't taking care of the earth (which really is true), and how it is getting harder and harder to find beautiful things... 
     Well that last statement isn't true. It's not hard to find beautiful things.

You guys... what a beautiful world we live in!
Be grateful for it!

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Marci said...

The minute Ava wakes up on Sundays she asks to turn on "Jesus Music". FM 100. Try pandora. They have an amazing selection of LDS music.


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