Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Give Him a Little More...

This post was inspired by the following song:
(You're supposed to click play and then scroll through the lyrics as you're listening) :)

More - Kenneth Cope

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More steady, more sure,
more trusted, more pure.

Some say it doesn't matter.

More trained, and more aware,

more aim to get me there.

I climbed this far.
You raised the bar.
You want my heart.

More fierce desire
to stand against the wind,
More blazing fire
when dark is closing in,
a more love-inspired change within,
So there's more and more 
of me to give.

More words to learn and know,
more etched upon my soul.

Some say it doesn't matter.

More tried, more true.

Less me, and much more you.

I stretched this tall.
You sound the call.

You want my all.

More fierce desire
to stand against the wind
More blazing fire
when dark is closing in,
a more love-inspired change within,

You keep reaching out, you're calling out to me
for more strength in shoulders to face the war with sin.

More wise and bolder,
to save the souls of men.
A more faithful soldier,
to the end.

You want more and more of me to give.

More and more of me to give.


More and more of me to give.

More love, more light.
more purpose
more serve with all my might.

I need more hope, more faith,
more patience, each day I pray for more.

More and more of me to give.
More fire, more zeal,
more spirit to know what's real.
More courage, more joy.

More, more, and more of me to give.

More grateful, more true,

more humble to trust and do.

You call, I hear.

I'll walk the path that's set in stone
my heart is fixed on getting home,

and what on Earth could ever matter more?

More and more of me to give.


     Just a thought as I was listening to this song... 
     You don't have to be perfect. In fact, you won't be.
     Maybe you struggle getting out of bad habits, and into good ones.

     Maybe don't try for perfection... just try to do better. Just try to offer a little bit more.
     If you are reading your scriptures only once a week, maybe try reading twice, or three times weekly. Gradually try to do better and better, to offer more and more... until you are at seven.
     The same concept applies to many other things. It doesn't have to happen all at once. 
     Don't compare yourself to the people who are doing amazing at whatever it is. Maybe they are struggling with something else. 

     God will know that you are trying. He recognizes the milestones that you reach. 

"In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway."
(That's from a brilliant poem hanging on my wall... should I do a post about it? Hmmm...)

Don't strive for perfection. Strive to give Him a little more...

For a free mp3 download of the song "More" by Kenneth Cope (plus like... forty other songs...), click here.

P.S. You know how you sometimes stare at a word so much that it seems as though you spelled it wrong? Even if it's a really simple word? Yeah. That's me right now. I might end up checking with you that I spelled more right... haha.

P.P.S. Should I resurrect "What's Up Wednesdays"? I don't want my posts to get too boring... but I also don't want to stray too much from the purpose of this blog. What do you think? To see my last (and only) "What's Up Wednesday" post... click here.


Anonymous said...

I like that song!

I think you should strive for perfection, though. It's like that saying I have (that I totally think I didn't make up :), "When you shoot for the trees, you'll land on the ground, but if you shoot for the sky, you'll land in the trees."

I've been told that 1% of Mormons are going to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. That means that you have to be pretty darn near perfection if you're going to make it.

I think having the mindset of "Is this really worth it?" helps a lot. Next time you're tempted to keep that extra penny you received after purchasing something (CRAZY how often that seems to happen), or when you're tempted to participate in an argument, try thinking that. It really helps.


Haley B. said...

Aaah Brenna! You left a comment! :) That is actually quite a speech that you left in the comment box - haha - but you have very valid points... :)
I think what I meant is the fact that you have to work up to perfection... and when you just try harder to do all of the little things a little bit better... it will turn into perfection.
Don't think that it has to happen overnight, because all of the little things, eventually, will add up.
And you don't have to compare yourself to anyone else. The fact that you are trying your absolute hardest to do your absolute best... that is enough.


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