Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Years of Seminary

“Seminary gives me the strength to continue to keep moving forward in the straight and narrow path in spite of the difficulties and challenges I encounter. The things I have learned in seminary are the stepping stones and preparation for a greater and more profound knowledge of the gospel.” —Dia Lacno, seminary student in the Philippines

     I love seminary. If I could just go to that class over and over again the whole day... I definitely would.  I really learn so much. 
     This year we are studying the Old Testament. I learn so much about the gospel in church, but it's really nice to just go through it all, front to back, and discuss everything. I now know all these stories from the Old Testament that I didn't know about before. Many I've heard, but I could now explain most of them with more detail. 
     Gaining more knowledge makes me more comfortable sharing with others. It also makes it easier for me to answer questions... 

I'm very lucky to have seminary as part of my school day, But I know that whatever your situation, you will be greatly blessed if you choose to attend daily. 

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