Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thoughts on Christmas

I was saving a Christmas post until... Christmas...
But I want to write down a few of the things I've been thinking, because they are things that should be remembered throughout the whole holiday season.
I listed a few things in another post that I love about the holiday season (I'm not providing a link to that post... They keep getting screwed up on this tablet I'm using.)
They included music, food, decorations, well... Everything!

The world has forgotten the meaning of Christmas... The whole reason we celebrate it... There are people who celebrate Christmas for no reason. They just do it because that is what a lot of people celebrate. They want to be a part of the Christmas season. They don't do it because of Christ. Maybe some people say they do, but that isn't what they are putting near to their heart.

We are celebrating His birth.
His life.
We are celebrating everything that we have because of Him.

Just remember this during the Christmas season...
Just remember...

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