Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

  Okay, in an attempt to make this blog interesting, I have decided to add "What's Up Wednesdays" to my posts. In these posts, I'll just share what's been going on in my life recently... possibly more for myself than for you... I'm going to look back on this someday, right???

   The holidays are here! My favorite time of year! I love everything about the Christmas season. I love the snow, the music, the decorations, and just the spirit of it all. I love shopping on Black Friday (although I really didn't go out much this year). During December is also my birthday! Driving! Yippee!!
     I also think that it is important to remember what this season is all about. It's such a beautiful time of year, full of cheerful people. I think that a lot of people get caught up in the unimportant stuff though. Christmas is about Christ, and we should always be quick to remember that.

     The Festival of Trees is this week.... we made a tree to donate in honor of my sister Sage.... Seriously, coolest tree ever... I'd buy it. :) Of course it makes it better that this is a fundraiser. The trees are auctioned off, and all of the money goes to Primary Children's Medical Center. Yay!

     School has been BUSY!!! (To say the least)  I've had one project due after another, one quiz after another, followed by tests. *Sigh* I've also been up really late each night trying to get homework done. I work right after school, and then I usually have some sort of other engagement... (piano, babysitting, mutual, etc.) To say the least... I am TIRED!!

     One last thing... My internet is down!!! Eeeek!! We haven't had internet access in our house for the last few days. I am blogging right now on the computer at my dad's work... I never realized how much I rely on the internet for homework, and also other things... like this. It's kind of sad how we start to rely on electronics. Electronics are not a bad thing at all, but we can make them bad if we get addicted or if we are doing bad things with them. Be careful!
Hmmm... this just made me think of a video on Maybe I will do a post on electronics sometime in the near future and share it... or maybe not. What topic do you want to hear about?

Hope you all have a fabulous week! Don't forget to leave comments!

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